Can I upload students into a section?

After the section has been created you can upload students into that section by following the instructions below. 

Note: You cannot bulk upload students using Single Sign On.  

1. Under the desired section, click add students.


2. In the pop-up window, select "Continue" under "Bulk Add Students Manually"


3. To add students to this section manually, copy and paste student names into the text field in the pop-up box, with each name on a separate line. We recommend that you simply copy the names from a spreadsheet. This will automatically set up an account for the student and they will not need to register their own account. Their password will be the student code. Please use the following format:FIRST NAME LAST INITIAL. Click "Save."


4. After you enter the names of your students, you'll see them appear in the section with a username. If you don't see the students appear, click on the section name to expand the section. Your students can login with their new username and their password, which will be the student code.

If you need a refresher on creating a section, read this article.

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