What should I do if my students are receiving a “Lost connection!” message?

Check to make sure every student is logged in with a unique account:

If two students log in with the same account by accident, the second student will kick the first student out of the game. This is most likely to be an issue when everyone is starting to connect before the game is started. If anyone says that they are getting a "Disconnected" message, verify that nobody was accidentally given the same email as somebody else or is using the wrong email.

Check the student’s device for connectivity:

1) Browse to https://www.filamentgames.com/dm-conntest

  1. If the page does not load, then there is an internet connectivity issue. Check to make sure the device has WiFi and can reach another website like www.google.com
    1. If Google does not load, try rebooting the student’s tablet.
  2. If the page does load and shows as “Incompatible”, please contact Filament support.
  3. If the page does load and show as “Compatible”, try rejoining the game. The student may be able to sync back up with their group.

If you cannot get the student back in the game:

  1. If there are enough students in each role in the group, they will be able to keep playing without the student, but the student will not be able to participate digitally.
  2. If there are not enough students in each role in the group, the group will not be able to continue playing. You have the option of restarting the game for the whole class if there is enough time. See “How can I restart the game for the whole class?” for steps.
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