Should I purchase games via your website or one of the app stores?

Purchasing a license through our website gives you access to a variety of resources built for educational environments, including the IT Guide, Implementation Guide, Setup Guide, account management, and Teacher Dashboards. You can also pay via Purchase Order.

When you visit the app stores, there may be two versions of the same game. The gameplay is the same in each version of the game, but apps that are marked EDU use the same login information as our website. If you purchase the game from our website, you can download the free EDU app and continue gameplay on your tablet or mobile device.

The paid version of our apps in Google Play or the iOS App Store are separate from your web account. Those games can be purchased directly through the app stores with no need to set up an account on our website, but do not come with curriculum or Teacher Dashboards.

Stop by Google Play or the iOS App Store to see a current list of available titles.

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