How do I know whether I should purchase games via your website or one of the app stores?


Purchasing a license through our website gives you access to a variety of resources built for educational environments, including the IT Guide, Implementation Guide, Setup Guide, account management, and Teacher Dashboards. You can also pay via Purchase Order or check. Because the games on our website are browser-based, you can log in and access them on almost any computer. A license through our website also gives you access to the free EDU tablet versions of the games. For more information on what is included with Filament Learning titles, check out our article here.

Buying a game through one of the app stores means you won't have to set up a web account, but that also means you won't have access to the supplemental resources that accompany our games.

A note on purchase our games on Steam: If you purchase our games from Steam, you’ll need to install the Steam client on your computer and then download each game individually. For more information on how to purchase our games through Steam, check out our article here.

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