What is the difference between Filament Games and Filament Learning?


Our organization has two facets: Filament Games and Filament Learning.

Filament Games specializes in creating custom-built learning games and educational tools. For the past nine years, Filament has offered this work-for-hire software development service to organizations that need help conceptualizing and executing educational game ideas.

In 2014, Filament Games launched a new initiative, Filament Learning, to develop and publish a game-based curriculum that integrates learning games with robust, standards-based lessons and assessments.

Filament Games owns and supports all the games and curricula published under Filament Learning. In contrast, our work-for-hire products are wholly owned by the companies that hire Filament to create these products.

Ultimately, Filament Games and Filament Learning comprise a single organization that applies the best practices in game development to deliver high-quality educational experiences.

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